What Does Gesture Based Computing Mean?

Gesture based computing is the idea of moving beyond the age of touch screen interaction with our devices to a future where our natural movements can control our gadgets. In this future keyboards and mouse pads would be replaced with technology that can accurately respond to the wave of a hand or the movement of a finger in the shape of a written letter. Our devices would be able to translate what we do physically into the things we would normally type or say to it. By getting to a place where our technology can interpret movement and use it to register what we want it to do our interaction with our devices would once again be revolutionized.

Is it possible?

The rise of virtual reality viewers and experiences compatible with our smartphones has given us a glimpse of being able to have fully immersive experiences with the technology that we use constantly throughout the day. Gesture based computing is the logical next step for innovation in technology, so not only is it possible its probable and likely to happen sooner than later.

Currently being researched and even implemented in video game development, developers across many different technology genres are working on finding a way to make gesture based computing a reality in many different ways. They’re eager to see how they can realistically and effectively make movement commands that are as exciting and impressive as they are useful. Shaking a device or pinching its screen will soon enough be the least of how we can physically control our devices.

Is it worth it?

Other than the impressiveness and revolutionary aspect of this idea, the practical applications will make it more than worth the effort and the wait for gesture based computing to become fully realized. It’s potential to enhance training and simulation based learning is unparalleled by any other ideas. It has the potential to make job training a fully immersive experience as well as to give educators an unprecedented opportunity to truly engage students in learning physically and mentally.

Excitement for this technology is building and is already high in the tech community. In a matter of a few years we’ll be seeing our world begin to change yet again due to new ways to relate to our devices. Gesture based computing is a breakthrough that will be a reality in the very near future and will enhance our interaction with technology for the better.