How Chatbots Can Help with Education

A sector of the community that’s doing important work to harness the potential of chatbots for its benefit is the field of education. Educators can always use new and exciting ways to reach and relate to students, Chatbots present them with an unprecedented opportunity to communicate information in a way that their students are familiar with and also enjoy using.

Because chatbots are compatible with the messaging services that students are so active on they’re an ideal way for students to engage with their lessons. Being able to get guidance, knowledge based facts, or even tutoring help from text messages is an easy and fun way for students to learn using an interface they’re very familiar with.

Education through creative games, tests and more

With their interactive nature and ability to be programmed with specific personality traits chatbots can present themselves to students as a fun and exciting alternative to textbooks and websites. Chatbots can also be programmed to play games and ask or answer trivia questions, they can even be programmed to take on the personas of historical figures or other educational characters.

This creative take on using chatbots for education is a great way of giving students and educators new opportunities to make tests, projects, quizzes, and homework assignments feel exciting and interesting while keeping engagement simple. Most importantly chatbots for education will help more of those students who need one on one help have access to it in a way that’s easy for them to use and get understanding from.

Which chatbots can help?

With so much room for creativity and customization, Chatbots are a very intriguing tool for use in education. Educators are looking into ways to implement them most efficiently and effectively.

Here are some examples of useful chatbots for student:

DuolingoThis bot was created to learn languages like Spanish or French. It learns step by step, gives individual answers, asks if an answer was helpful to continuously improve its support and can be used as App.

OyotyFor children to be save when they are surfing in the web. It looks over social media activities and warns the children if there is anything strange happening, e.g. they want to give someone their phone number.

T-Rex Tina A chatbot for children and of course adults who want to learn more about the dinosaurs, their life and the early earth history. This is way learning new things is fun and interesting.

As the technology continues to develop the possibilities for it to positively benefit the field of education will only increase.