How Brands Are Using Chatbots

In the business world Chatbots are a major new trend, rivaling apps in their demand and the clamor that brands large and small are making to produce them quickly and efficiently. Companies want their customers to engage with their services as easily as possible and Chatbots are an incredible opportunity for them to do so. Since Bots are a creative endeavor and companies want their experience to stand out amongst all the others some very exciting, interesting and downright fun results have come out recently in the form of company Chatbots. Here are a few innovative Chatbots in use by brands in several different industries that prove just how versatile this technology can be:

Whole Foods After customers finish their shopping, online or in store, a chat with the whole foods chat bot results in them receiving messages that contain a recipe featuring the ingredients they just bought.

Allo by Google – This soon to be released chatbot will work while users text their contacts as they normally would. Allo will run in the background of their preferred messaging app and chime in with details and suggestions pertinent to their conversations. For example, facts like sports scores and stats and scheduling help like show times and nearby restaurants will be provided as the conversations go towards them. Allo can even make arrangements and reservations if needed.

H&M – With this chatbot users can send a picture of a single item of clothing and then receive outfit suggestions based on the photo. They will also be offered links to all the suggested items which will all be available for sale on h&m’s website.

Hello Barbie – When connected to WiFi the chatbot inside of this Barbie doll is able to respond to questions and hold conversations. She can also remember information from previous responses and so recall user specific details like favorite colors and aspirations.

These are just a few examples of how businesses and brands are thinking of their customers’ needs and implementing Chatbots to meet them. As the technology that powers the bots continues to develop so will the ways their used to solve problems and engage with potential customers.