Developing Your Chatbot’s Personality

Chatbots are specifically designed to carry out conversations with users while simultaneously collecting information it can then use to create more detailed and specific responses to their queries. In order to allow users to feel comfortable and excited to interact with a chatbot it’s important for a chatbot builder to consider and create a distinct personality for it and to program the bot respond accordingly to whatever it is asked. Choosing the right characteristics for a chatbot’s personality is important, the interactive nature of the bot is its strength.
Although users must know they’re talking to some form of artificial intelligence and not to a human representative, they don’t want to feel as though they are having a run of the mill, overly generic encounter or else they’ll feel the effort is a way of time. The more personable and distinctive a chatbot is designed to be the more enjoyable users will find the experience of interacting with them to be. This will also help them to find the experience memorable and so they will be more likely to use the service again. To create a chatbot with a winning personality keep the following tips in mind during the development stage:

Consider the brand

Since your chatbot will act as a representative for your brand or business, it needs to behave accordingly just as its human counterparts would. When developing a chatbot’s personality it’s important to consider the mission, target customer, and goals of the brand or business that the bot is for to be sure that the end result reflects those characteristics. Your bot can have a friendly helpful disposition, a dry and witty sense of humor, or anything in between, as long as it represents your business or brand image well.

Consider the user

Knowing who is likely to interact with the chatbot is important, since you want users to understand and be understood by the chatbot for it to work most effectively. Age, gender, and intent of the average user should be clear and at the forefront of the minds of the bot’s developers to help in anticipating the kinds of queries the bot will receive and the responses it should give.

Consider the task

Whether offering product options or taking an order for its user a chatbot’s prompts and responses need to pertain to the task at hand. Its personality should also be task oriented in order to help the bot and the user to stay focused on the goal of their interaction.