Chatbots Are for Small Businesses Too

Chatbots have been around for years, but with new developments in what artificial intelligence can be coded to do new possibilities for their use have made them more relevant now than ever before.

In fact, chatbots have quickly become one of the most convenient and preferred ways for large corporations and small businesses alike to communicate with users and potential customers or clients. In our online community where a customizable and personalized experience is key to effective customer service chatbots are able to collect user specific information and are capable of translating that information into data they can then use to create specific product or service suggestions and even to anticipate what the user will like or ask for.

With the ability to code them to complete a vast variety of tasks chatbots are invaluable assets to businesses of any size and can be especially useful in leveling the playing field and helping small businesses compete in ways they wouldn’t have the manpower or resources to otherwise. Here are a few examples of how businesses can use chatbots to their advantage.

They can help manage social media

xThe social media presence of a business or brand is an incredibly important way to connect with new and existing customers and clients, as well as to attract more business from the platform’s users. Most small businesses don’t have the resources to dedicate a full-time effort to recruiting social media likes, follows, or creating content to post that will attract attention. Chatbots can help small businesses get users to engage with their posts and in turn drive traffic to business pages and websites. Chatbots can also encourage site visitors to connect with the businesses social media profiles and alert them to special content and offers on those profiles as well.

They Can Provide Excellent Customer Service

It’s impossible for any business to hire enough people or devote enough hours to providing each person who interacts with their site with a personalized experience. The invention of chatbots and their many different functions has given small businesses and corporations the opportunity to provide personalized and effective customer service to every user, from answering questions that customers may have to creating suggestions to what products and services a user might need based on the information it gets from them a chatbots is an invaluable customer service tool.

They Can Accept Payments and Process Orders

In order to offer customers or clients the options to order products and services online it’s important to have software in place that allows them to safely and securely order and pay for what they want to buy. Chatbots are the ideal solution for this, since they can not only process orders and payment as well as shipping, they can also walk users through the process and interface with them as they go answering any questions or concerns they may have a long the way.