Begin Your Bot Build with Design Principles

Chatbots are equally useful to a variety of businesses because of their versatility and the ease of creating them. With all the programs and resources available – many free of charge – for bot building anyone with or without programming knowledge can make a chatbot to fulfill whatever task their site or profile needs. Still, even with the aid of expert software, the process can be daunting and knowing where to start can be difficult. The easiest thing to do to begin is to establish the design principles of the project and go from there.

What basic principles should be considered?

Design principles are a set of rules that developers put in place at the start of their build which they adhere to throughout the project to guide and focus their objectives. Knowing the design principles of a project is a great way to keep track of goals and make sure they’re met.
Beginners and professionals can follow these project specific rules to successfully create a well-developed and efficient chatbot user interface. Design principles can also be brand or business specific to help make sure the project’s end result reflects the brand’s image well.

Design principles help to clarify the goal of the project and in turn make those goals easier to achieve. If the design principles are considered throughout the design process they can make any dilemmas or decisions that arise during the build easier to navigate. The following are some basic design principles that can be helpful when developing a chatbot:

Keep it simple – Users usually don’t want too much interaction, just enough to get the help or clarification they need.

Remember it’s a chatbotYour bot should have a personality but it shouldn’t try or be expected to mimic human behavior. People know they’re interfacing with AI and will appreciate the experience more if they know they’re dealing with a bot but that human support is needed if necessary.

Keep the platform in mind – Design your chatbot to be compatible with and take advantage of the most popular assets of whatever platform it’s built for. If it’s a messaging platform be sure to include the use of pictures, videos, gifs, and emojis. Social media bots should be programmed to post content that users will find engaging. Whatever use your chatbot is put to its important to maximize its effectiveness by incorporating relatable features.

Streamline the experience – A bot should be programmed to deal with a variety of user queries, but at the core of its design should be a streamlined and efficient approach to all interactions. Having a basic set of principles in place makes the bot’s behavior more reliable and also benefits the information it gives and gathers.